Webinar Series – Space XR

Program launch event aimed at disseminating the actions provided for in the project, for mobilization and promotion within the academic community and network of partners.

The program “Centro Pi / Visgraf – IMPA: A Locus of Experimentation for Expanded Reality in Shared Media Spaces”, coordinated by the PI Center and the VISGRAF Laboratory of IMPA was approved in the Faperj Notice 24/2021 – “Support for Integrated Innovation Actions in Fluminense Science and Technology Institutions”.

The project aims to disseminate the use of expanded reality technologies (XR), in experiments applied in three lines of research that configure areas of great importance in the socio-economic context of Rio de Janeiro.

This series of webinars is invited by our partners and collaborators in these areas, namely: medicine (Biodesign Lab at PUC-Rio and DASA); historical-cultural heritage (LAPID of the National Museum); and audio-visual (ABC Cursos de Cinema and VFXRio).

The lectures will be held on the 15th, 22nd and 29th of June 2022.

  • Cultural Heritage and Expanded Reality
  • New Media, Art and Narrative
  • Medicine in the Metaverse

English version: https://vimeo.com/725017695